Credits: Jom Viralkan (incident happen in Philippine)

The headphone and other electronic device should be switch off before going to sleep at night or taking a nape.

There are some confirmed cases that shows that headphone alone can cause dead if people  were using headphone that are at fault.


It is encourage that always used reliable headphone and hand free while using  device that contain high electronic gadget , some of those device can be harmful if were are not be careful


According to Sky News Samsung is suspending sales of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after some of the batteries exploded.

Some buyers reported their phones caught fire or exploded while they were charging, and Samsung said it had confirmed 35 such cases, caused by faulty batteries.

Since late last month, several users have posted photos and videos on social media showing the charred Note 7 with part of its 5.7-inch touchscreen burnt and melted, saying it suddenly caught fire.