The damage caused by Tidal wave



The village of Bay marteli  at southern part of Pentecost in vanuatu, has experience one of the worst  event in their history as at 1:13 Am in the morning of 26 November 1999,  Bay Martelli suffered heavy tsunami damage cause by a 7.4 earthquake.

There were heavy casualties during that time and Eight people were confirmed dead, more than 100 injured and thousands left without homes.

This week , the village of bay materli had host a prayer to commemorate and think about those who loose their love ones during that night of the tidal wave, the village had relocated uphill now were schools and settlement were build at the top of the hill.

current photo of bay marteli

for more information on the report of the Tidal wave click her to read the report “ Tidal wave report”


waterfall of bay marteli