Bouganvile : Photo RNZ

A 7.9 earth quake has striked off the west coast of Boungainvile island this afternoon with Areas issued tsunami warnings include Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea , Pohnpei , Vanuatu , Chuuk, Indonesia, Nauru and Kosrae.

The earth qauake center was 168km deep and struck 47km west of Arawa on Bougainville island, Papua New Guinea.

The earth quake was feel  on mainland while there is still no report of the damage  or casulties according to Radio RNZ.

Solomon Along with other melanesian countries like, Vanuatu, PNG and New caledonia are located on the Ring of fire, which they experiance several shocked during the past days with many active volcanoes came alife as the local metheology has issue their bulletine.

The Pacific tsunami warning center (reports) has already release their final message concerning the thread however, the thread is over but they caution coastal areas with low lying island to be aware of changes in seas level.