Fiji-based Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Ltd (ATH) has signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement relating to the acquisition of Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL), the Fiji Times reports. The takeover deal was agreed with TVL’s parent company, Mauritius Telecom, through its MT International Ventures arm, and will see ATH purchase 100% of TVL’s capital for an undisclosed fee. The buyout is subject to the approval of the Vanuatu authorities and is expected to be completed by 15 March 2017.

Telecom Vanuatu Limited(TVL) was created in 1978 and is Vanuatu’s first provider for Landline, GSM, Internet and 3G+ (Mobile Internet). TVL is one of the major economic contributor  since 2002, it has paid more than 1.8 billion vatus to the government in fees, charges and taxes, it covers 80% of the coverage through out vanuatu.

Digicel has arrived in 2008 and break the monopoly of TVL, With More competitive in the communication field, so on the 12th October 2011,Mauritius Telecom (MT) purchased 50 %  share holding of TVL by MT International Ventures Ltd (MTIV), an investment vehicle wholly owned by Mauritius Telecom and in Jully 2013 the share was increase to 90% .According to the MT Website.

Accordin to TRR. in 2013, the Regulator gave its consent for the transfer of control over Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) to MTIV. This is a commercial agreement between the companies; TRR however is required under the TRR Act 2009 to ensure the regulatory processes were followed. TVL still remain the holder of the Licence and a major player in the telecom market of Vanuatu

The Fiji Time report that the move to buy TVL is the latest in a series of deals struck by ATH as it seeks to boost its Pacific telecoms assets. As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, on 30 August 2016 ATH announced that Spain-based Amper had accepted its binding offer for the sale of all of Amper’s interests in the South Pacific, comprising BlueSky Samoa, AST Telecom (American Samoa) and BlueSky Cook Islands, although the deal has yet to be completed.

Outside of its extensive telecoms interests in Fiji, ATH also owns Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Kiribati Limited [ATHKL]) – previously known as Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd (TSKL) – which it acquired in May 2015.