Vanuatu and Papua New guinea  are the two pacific countries that will lost there voting right at the United Nations General Assembly if they fail to pay their compulsory annual contributions with other 4 nations.

Vanuatu needs to pay the UN $US19,000 (vt2,090,000) to regain the voting rights, while Papua New Guinea owes at least $US139,000 (K442,020) or vt15,303,900  to  regain voting rights, according to a UN document.

The participation of vanuatu is crucial because it  associated with some groups in the past that associate with the founding principle of the country, Vanuatu join the UN since 1980 since it gains its independent, despite the size of its economic it has equal seat as the other big countries.

 According to UN on what Vanuatu  have been doing Ever since then the country, through its Mission based in New York, has been an advocate for international cooperation for sustainable development, human rights, disarmament and the right of self-determination and decolonialisation.
According to the Vanuatu associates itself with the following groups at the UN :
  • Group of 77 and China
  • Non-Alignment Movement
  • Alliance of Small Island States
  • Pacific Small Island Developing States
  • Group of Friends
  • Asia Pacific Group

The recent Vanuatu prime minister speech at the UN Assembly  last year 2016 can be access here, The honorable Prime Minister CHARLOT SALWAI TABIMASMAS, raise the issue of climate change, decolonisation of melanesian countries and the progress and what vanuatu need to achieve in its  Sustainable Development Goals.


Under UN Article 19 of the Charter, a Member State in arrears in the payment of its dues in an amount that equals or exceeds the contributions due for two preceding years can lose its vote in the General Assembly.

This year there were 6 nations which fail to make it because they haven’t paid their Annual contribution.Those nation were Vanuatu,Venezuela,Papua New Guinea and war torn countries Libya , Sudan and Cabo verde.

An exception is allowed if the Member State can show that conditions beyond its control contributed to this inability to pay.

As of 21 February 2017, the following six Member States are in arrears under the terms of Article 19 and the General Assembly decided that they will not be permitted to vote in the Assembly until the end of its 71st session

On 3 October 2016, the General Assembly adopted resolution 71/2 by which it decided that the following four Member States, currently in arrears under the terms of Article 19 of the Charter, can vote in the Assembly until the end of the current session, these member countries were Comoros,Guinea-Bissau,Sao Tome and Principe and Somalia.

Venezuela, which is experiencing political unrest and severe economic crisis, also lost its right to vote for the second time in three years, after racking up $US24 million in unpaid bills.

. A committee calculates the basis for contribution using estimates like gross national product, external debt and per capita incomes.