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Names of Approved seasonal workers program Agency(Australia) and Regional seasonal Employment(RSE)  in vanuatu for 2017, Find names of the licensee below.

According to daily post , no one in Rural area are not allow to recruit unless he/she obtain the approval from the labor department.

The Commissioner will make sure that the newly approved list of licensed agents with their photos along-side their names is circulated to all Provincial Council throughout the six Provinces.

The names of the Approved SWP (Australia) Licensees/Agents are:-

1.Paradise Seasonal Workers Agency
Contact: David D Elison

2.AGB Seasonal Recruitment & Employment Services
Contact: Grace Bongran

3.Daniel Dempsey
Contact: Daniel Demsy

4.Native Development Focus Agency (NDFA)
Contact: Bongmature Lingban Donald

5.Vanuatu Recruiters
Contact: Evelyne Aru

6.Family and Community Employment Network
Contact: Dennis Toa

7.Kuwae Seasonal Employment Agency
Contact: John Suran

8.Vanuatu Busy Bees Recruiters
Contact: John Robert Simelum

9.TK Consultant
Contact: Tarisu Kailes

10.Vanuatu Pathways
Contact: Tom Nangam

•11.Nonda Employment Agency
Contact: Thomas Bolango

12.Vanuatu Promotion & Seasonal Workers Solution
Contact: Naliupis Apollinair & Roger Liu

13.Melanesian Seasonal Employers
Contact: John Dahmassing Lenkon Salong

14.Maguekorkor Consultants
Contact: Elton Loughman & Harrison

15.M. Siba Farm
Contact: Michael Tamata Siba

16.Lan Services
Contact: Loreen Ala Ngwele

17.Labour Solution Vanuatu
Contact: Nick R Issachar

18.JT’S Grassroot Recruitment Agency
Contact: Jean Marie Tama

19.Islander’s Heat Agency
Contact: Boudier Karai

20.Hope and Destiny Employment Agency
Contact: Cathy Hivo & Elizabeth Aru

21.Farmstaff Vanuatu
Contact: Junior Malas

22.ETM Consultancy
Contact: Sylvie Kalmet

23.Sunbeam Seasonal Workers Agency
Contact: Anneth Mial

24.Harana Consulting Services
Contact: Samson Tarizulu

25.Helpem Workers Agency
Contact: Glenda Willie

26.Vanuatu Refocus Horticulture International Recruitment Private Consultants Agent
Contact: Daniel R. M. Molisa

27.Stanson Consultants
Contact: Hannah Marianne Liunakwalau

28.JDB Store
Contact: Walter Kares Kota

29.Woolies Recruitment Agency
Contact: Basil Talper

Approved RSE (New Zealand) Licensees/Agent are:-

1.Nougro Farm
Contact: Daniel Dempsey

2.Royal Seed Investment Enterprise
Contact: Nigel Quai

3.ETM Consultancy and Services
Contact: Sylvie Kalmet

4.Seasonal Workers Agency Vanuatu
Contact: Michael Liu

5.Van Labour
Contact: George Iapson

6.Manpower Vanuatu Associates
Contact: Nancy Jacob

7.Brigitte Laboukly
Contact: Brigitte Laboukly

8.Extra Mile Recruitment Services
Contact: Rarua Joel Robert

9.Vamon Vanuatu Pacifika Solution Consultancy Ltd
Contact: Makin Rita Valia

All individuals wanting to obtain more information on the updated list of licensees are to contact the Employment Service Unit by calling 33135.

Source: Dailypost.