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Photo: Van2017 Ceo Clint flood    /Photo credit: Van2017

On the 12th of May, 2017, Australian Technical delegates from Athletics sports will be arriving in Port Vila.


 The Athletics Technical Team is comprised of President of Oceania Athletics Federation – OAF Mrs Yvonne MULLINS, and the Competition Manager, Mr Thomas O’SHAUGHNESSY, appointed by the International Athletics Federation to carry out the mission in Vanuatu for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games.


 According to Van2017 Sports Manager, Mr Williams Worworkon, the purpose of their visit in Vanuatu is to assess Athletic Equipment that will to be used during the Games, at competition venues, and other sites to make sure that markings, linings and any other Athletic requirements meet the international standards of competition.



The delegation will visit the Athletic venues at Korman, and Van2017 will provide them with updates about the progress of the Games, venues and facilities.


 Mr Worworkon added that having International Federation’s contribution to the Games will provide a legacy to Vanuatu sports, as it will allow Vanuatu to bid for future regional and international competitions.



’People of Vanuatu should appreciate and be proud of the  participation of International Sporting bodies towards the preparations of the Games.‘’ said Mr Worworkon.  “It is a step towards showing other countries in the Pacific the strength of Vanuatu sports and potentially hosting bigger international sporting events in the future.”




Previously in March, two international technical teams in the disciplines of Weightlifting and Rugby arrived in Vanuatu to gather information regarding the equipment and venues for each sport.




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