Van2017: Awareness Team/ Photo credit: Van2017

“Van2017 Pacific Games will be a lifetime experience to showcase our true Identity, our culture, and our Ni Vanuatu hospitality,” reiterated Games Village Manager Wilfred Koran, at a Van2017 public awareness event held Friday last week at Nakamal blong Jif in Port Vila.


 Mr Koran appealed to all citizens, particularly to all communities around the country to actively participate and commit themselves to deliver all necessary services required for the Games Operations.


 He stated that these Games belonged to the people of Vanuatu, and communities are responsible to provide the best hospitality to all visitors from 24 participating countries as well as the local and oversea spectators.


 Koran said the reason Van2017 is engaging local Communities is to give people in the community the unique opportunity to take ownership of the Games, by organizing themselves to register their interest to participate in cleaning Games Villages and Games Venues.



The Games Venue Manager, Samson Sawan, said that Van2017 is expecting to receive over two thousands Athletes and Games Officials, and to deliver the best service and hospitality during the Games needs the assistance of the community.


 Mr Sawan urged Community members and leaders to reach out to their respective families and friends about the Games cleaning workforce, and join Van2017 to look for over one thousand volunteers, who are 18 years and over, to be assigned to various services and activities.


 A Cleaning registration form is available at Van2017 Office in Port Vila, for any groupings, associations, or Clubs, who wish to register; and there will be a screening process for all applicants.


 The closing date of application is on 26 May 2017 at 16:00 PM.

For more information on Van2017 Pacific Mini Games, visit our website at www.van2017.com   or Facebook page: vanuatu2017