Em Pawa & Nasi | Photo credit: Van2017
Nasi & Em Pawa | Photo credit: Van2017


Van2017 is standing up for the Empowerment of Women and Girls in Vanuatu, and proudly announce the creation of an identifiable “Female” Mascot, as part of its Mascot program. Her name is Emily Pawa, or “Em Pawa” for short, a friend and companion to NASI the Nasiviru, the loveable Vanuatu Pacific Mini Games mascot.

Em Pawa is the FACE of Van2017 in supporting the EMPOWERMENT of ALL WOMEN & GIRLS. Representing strength and perseverance, she is a separate identity to Nasi, but seen as a companion and friend to him. Em Pawa, like Nasi, is also a Champion; a champion and advocate for women and issues relevant to women.  Her character is bold and courageous, respectful and strong.

Van2017’s Legacy Program addresses one of its key Sustainable Development Goals for empowering women through the creation of Em Pawa; being an advocate for the messages of equality and non-discrimination, non-violence, supportive of positive and healthy decisions, encouraging others to challenge the negative gender stereotypes and be partners for positive change in the home, workplace, community, country and the world.

Em Pawa specifically focuses on Violence Against Women, Reproductive and Maternal Health accessibility, Economic and Financial empowerment, Gender balance and Equality in governance/decision-making processes/leadership within home and society.

To mark the introduction of a female narrator, who will be Nasi’s companion, an official launching program will take place at AOG Church at Tebakor Area in Port Vila, on Monday 15th May at 11am in collaboration with the Vanuatu National Council of Women.

Coordinator for the Em Pawa program, Relvie Poilapa states, “The use of a female narrator is to have female voice or woman’s voice who advocates on empowering all women, and encourage public to know the importance of programs being run on empowering women, also share their experiences in being part of positive and constructible change for women and young girls.”

Van2017 are committed to giving voice to the empowerment of women, and Em Pawa and Nasi are available to assist organisations that wish to promote or highlight programs and issues relevant to the Vanuatu community. Contact the Van2017 events department on   community@van2017.com

For more information on Van2017 Pacific Mini Games, visit our website at www.van2017.com   or Facebook page: Vanuatu2017