Photo credit: Humans of Vanuatu | Fest Napuan 2012

Van2017 Organizing Committee has allocated spaces for 103 Food and Kava stalls over the 4 main Venues during the Games.


According to Venue and Games Services Manager, Samson Sawan, there will be limited number of stalls at all respective Venues which are Korman & National Stadiums, Amical and the National Convention Centre.


At Korman Fest Napuan site there will be 40 food and kava stalls; Korman ticketed area will have 10 food stalls only with no kava stalls.  For other Games venues – National Stadium will have 20 food stalls, Amical Field having 5, Mele Golf area will have 3 stalls and the Weightlifting Venue will have 5 food stalls.


Mr Sawan explained that the fee charged for all stalls at Korman Venue is 50,000 vatu per stall and for other Venues the fee is at 40,000 vatu.  Fees shall be made at the Van2017 Finance Office. Van2017 will not make reservations and will only confirm bookings when payment is made fully in person.


Van2017 Venues Team will set up at Korman Kaaza Cricket Field on the Thursday 29th of June from 9 AM to 3 PM to promote sales and promotion of the Food & Kava Stalls for the Games.


Interested applicants will have the opportunity to meet the Team next week at Kaaza Cricket Field to obtain information on fees, applied conditions for stalls, and rules of operations.


For more information on the progress of the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games preparations, please visit our website:    or visit Facebook: vanuatu2017 or Vanuatu2017Nasiviru.